Wedding dance tips from the pros


Enjoy the Process

Learning something new always comes with a few hurdles along the way. So, remember to enjoy the process of learning your wedding dance. After all, these are special moments you’ll want to remember forever and the lessons can bring you and your partner closer (if you let it!). Go with the flow and enjoy every part, even the mistakes and missteps. 

Plan Ahead and Start Early

Depending on how elaborate you’d like your wedding dance to be, you could need anywhere between five and forty lessons! That means you’ll need to plan ahead to make sure there’s enough time. Our lessons can get you either something simple or a fully choreographed routine, depending on your comfort and time commitment. But, no matter how far in advance you start, we always recommend leaving your last lesson until the week before the big day. The final lesson isn’t about learning any new material but you’ll work out kinks and roadblocks and soak up the last few words of wisdom from your instructor.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Even for a seasoned performer, long numbers can be exhausting and stressful to learn. We recommend keeping your wedding dance under three minutes in the spotlight. Let your instructor know if you need help shortening that five minute long power ballad!

Dancing Date Night!

Use these lessons as a date night away from the madness of planning a wedding. Dance lessons are stress-free, fun, and romantic. Wind down after work and spend some quality time working on something TOGETHER.

Remember Why You’re Dancing

In the weeks leading up to the big day, spend the moments on the dance floor reminding yourselves what it’s all for: moving together, learning together, and having FUN together! Bring a bottle of wine if you’d like, de-stress, and be in the arms of your favorite human.

Give Your Brain a Break

While repetition is definitely going to help you remember the moves once you hit center stage, take a break from drilling every now and then to learn something new! We recommend taking five or ten minutes of each lesson to add another couple of steps to your arsenal to use for different styles. We want to keep you on the dance floor all night long and we’ve got all the right moves to keep you going no matter what the DJ plays on your wedding day.

Bring Wedding Details to Your First Lesson

Plan for your exact wedding layout. Make sure to get a floor plan of your venue. Will there be tables on all four sides? People only standing on one side? Make sure you consider your audience when planning your dance.

What Will You Wear?

Set aside some time (either individually or as a couple) to discuss your exact wedding day attire. There are certain movements you’ll need to avoid depending on your dress/shoe/jacket style. Suit jackets can be more restrictive than you think and each dress style comes with its own set of potential malfunctions. But don’t worry - your instructor will be prepared to work around your wardrobe to make sure you look your best!

Practice in Similar Attire

You’re really going to thank us for this one: practice in attire and shoes as similar as what you’ll be wearing on your wedding night! If you bought brand new heels for the big day, do one or two run-throughs during each lesson in them to avoid blisters on the day. You can also grab a practice skirt from your instructor or bring in a suit jacket from home. Trust us - you won’t regret it.

Remember to Breathe

Don’t forget: these will be the first few moments in your new spouse’s arms! Treat it as such. Encourage each other, smile, smooch, and oh yea - breathe! Soften your knees and relax into the dance. You got this! Bodies are strange and when you feel even the slightest bit nervous, the first few things to go are balance and breath. (This goes for your ceremony as well!) So, be sure to check your breathing. Slow it down, find the floor, and feel each other.

Hit Play Before You Start Dancing

Have whoever’s in charge press play before you hit the dance floor. Starting the song as you walk from your head table to the floor will take up some time in your music AND save you from hearing crickets in case of an AUX cord fumble! Our choreographed wedding dances will account for this intro time too.

Hold Your Watermelons! 

Your instructor will work with you and your spouse-to-be to find the perfect ending to the perfect dance to the perfect song. Make sure your guests have time to take the most insta-worthy photo. Once you settle into that dip, count 1 watermelon - 2 watermelon - 3 watermelon, give each other a smooch, and you are D O N E!

Make your wedding night extra special with an unforgettable first dance. Contact us today!