Wedding Dance


Wedding Dances

Your first dance is an opportunity to showcase what makes your relationship unique! It can create an intimate memory you both will share for years to come and establish the energy at your reception to get the party started!

Here’s where we can help:

At Sway Dance Chicago, special packages are available for engaged couples preparing for their wedding dance. You will WOW your family and friends by looking polished and professional after your lessons at Sway. 

We always suggest choosing music that truly brings out your personalities as a couple. Let our instructors help you pick a sassy Salsa, flirty Swing, classy Waltz, or passionate Tango to make your wedding dance special.

Not only are lessons fun, but they boost your confidence both on your wedding day (since you’ll have a plan) and any other time you hit the dance floor. Learn a few simple moves or dazzle your family and friends with polished and professional choreography, the choice is yours. Our instructors are so excited to work with you to create a first dance that showcases your personality and style in a way that is fun and stress-free.

“Sway is perfect for people looking to learn dance in an approachable setting.” See more reviews

Take a look at some of our Wedding Dance Tips!

Wedding Dance tips from the pros




It's our mission to provide quality instruction in a comfortable learning environment. Sway Dance Chicago welcomes dancers of all races, ages, religions, abilities, gender presentations and sexual orientations.


This depends on several things:

How much do you want to include in your dance? Do you want a few basic steps and a simple ending or do you want Dancing with the Stars? Or, to learn choreography from an NSYNC or Michael Jackson video? (Yes, we've done that - and we LOVED it.) There is no wrong answer here. We love sweet, simple and the chance to do what we do best. We also love an excuse to watch Justin Timberlake videos or the final scene of Dirty Dancing on repeat to memorize choreography. (Yes, we’ve done that too!)  

Do either of you have dance experience? Some learn faster than others. Some already have basic movement, music knowledge. Movement experience of all kinds will help with dance movement. You’ll be surprised how often we compare Waltz to golf, Swing to basketball, and Merengue to marching band.

Will you have time/space to practice on your own? Practicing at home will help your lessons move along quickly when you’re in the studio. The less time we need to spend reviewing, the more time we have to move on with new material. Use your dance practices as a wonderful way to wind down a long day of work and wedding planning. Put down the planner, have a glass of wine, clear your living room furniture so you can spend some time in each other’s arms.

We always suggest picking music that best describes you as a couple! Don’t feel that you must choose a traditional slow song. Sometimes a rock song can describes your love best and there is no reason to shy away from your legitimate music tastes. 

Bring some music options with you to your first lesson. If you have several ideas, your instructor will help you decide which is best to dance to. If you are drawing a blank, check our big list of favorites.

Also, don’t feel that you have to stick with one song. We’d be glad to help you choose 2 or even 3 songs to describe your relationship through dance. Start with a sweet Waltz, transform that to a flirty Swing and end with a show stopping Salsa.

If one song tells the story you’d like to tell, but the 7 minute version you love is just too much: no worries! We can help by editing the song to a more comfortable length for you. We suggest around 2.5 - 3.5 minutes for most dances.

We always suggest getting a good four to five month head start. Save one or two lessons after your dance is finished for the week or two before your wedding. You’ll need a reminder if you’ve had some time away!

Something comfortable to move in. Make sure your shoes stay attached to your foot (no flip flops), and your clothing isn’t too form fitting (no skin tight jeans). You'll eventually want to bring shoes similar to those you'll wear in the wedding *especially* if large heels are involved. Dancing in heels does take practice! A shoe with a leather or suede bottom is best for sliding on the floor. We have a practice skirt available to experience the feeling of a large, heavy, wedding dress.

All the basic wedding info: the size of your floor, seating arrangement, wedding theme, live band or DJ info.  All these details will help us personalize movement, structure for your dance. Bring the song/s you’d like to try dancing to. Typically we can search on Youtube for the version you’d like to try. Eventually, we’ll need the mp3 to edit and personalize for your dance.

Schedule your introductory lesson today! On your first lesson, we'll talk about music, style/s, structure. 

At Sway Dance, it's our mission to provide quality instruction in a comfortable learning environment. We pride ourselves in being great instructors, not pushy salespeople. It is against our policy to require up-front, long-term "contract" payments.

Private lessons are 45 minutes long and can be purchased individually, or in convenient and economical packages. See the drop down below to purchase dances now!

Purchase Lessons

We'd love to help! When you purchase a package of lessons at Sway, they can be used however you'd like. Save a lesson or two for parent dances to make sure everyone feels comfortable dancing in front of your guests.

Want to get the wedding party involved? We're in! Bring us your ideas, we'll fit everything we can in to your lesson package.

“My then-fiancé and I knew the style we wanted, chose the music and had a sense of some moves we wanted to incorporate. Teresa listened to us and brought many great ideas that she tailored to meet our needs, skills and level of comfort. Overall the choreography was hers with a lot of feedback from us along the way. The final product was incredible and a great collaborative effort!”

“Our guests and family still rave about our first dance. It was flawless and everything we hoped for.”

“Sway provides a relaxed and friendly learning environment free of the stress and pretension of many traditional studios.”

“From day one, Teresa treated us like friends, not customers. So much so that I still keep in touch with her. She understood and cared about how important this dance was to us and it showed. She was as invested in the dance as we were and that meant everything to us.”

“Teresa gave us the skills and choreography through a number of private sessions and we were able to practice on our own time. We put in a lot of time to make sure it was perfect, but when we needed her, she was there!”

“I have zero skills in the dance department, but Teresa was able to make it look like I did. I had a vision for this dance and she helped it come to life. I am so grateful for everything that she did for us!”

“Teresa stood out because of her excellent training and instructional method, but it was her small and laid back classes that really appealed to us.”

“If you aren’t comfortable with parts of your dance, they are always willing to make adjustments to help you shine.”

“Sway is perfect for people looking to learn dance in an approachable setting.”

“When friends are envious of our dance moves, we always encourage them to start classes at the studio.”