Introducing - Virtual Dance Lessons

Stuck at home?  We are too.

Get off the couch. Let's dance.

dance at home virtual dance lessons

What's included?

  • 20 minutes of pre-recorded material just for you.  After a phone conversation, I'll know more about what your'e looking for. I'll record some material for your song or your preferences.  
  • 25 minutes of video instruction. I'll watch you dance, talk you through some corrections/suggestions and work on whatever you'd like.

How? A few ways that have worked for us:

  • Zoom. 
  • Facebook Messenger with video.
  • Google Hangouts with video.

Who? Anyone. Anywhere.

  • Couples who'd like to keep active while you're stuck at home. Ever wanted to try dancing, but never found the time? This is the time!
  • Couples who are planning their wedding, but now at a standstill while businesses are closed. Let's get started! Have something to practice while you're stuck at home.
  • Singles who are interested in starting some basics before you get out in pubic. This is a perfect way to get started with some basic figures, techniques before jumping in a group class or heading to a social event. 
  • Anyone who has already been taking dance lessons. Let us watch. We'll correct, give technique, suggest new patterns. Time to get picky on that footwork!

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