Sway Dance in Brookfield

Adult Social Dance

If you’re tired of “sitting this one out” while everyone else hits the dance floor, let Sway Dance get you ready to boogie at your next office party, vacation, or a night on the town.

Location:             Recreation Hall, 8820 Brookfield Ave.

Instructor:          Teresa Swanson/Sway Dance

Code  #                 Class                      Day        Dates                                    Times                    Fee                       

301007-01            Tango/Rumba   Tu           Oct 1-Oct 22                       7:45-8:45pm       $50R/$60NR

301007-02            Salsa/Bachata   Tu         Oct 29-Nov 19                     7:45-8:45pm       $50R/$60NR

Registration will open any day now! Keep an eye on your email for updates.

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Sway Dance KIDS!

Fun and action packed classes where your children will explore creative movement through the essentials of ballet and the adventure of sound with their tap shoes.

Location:             Recreation Hall, 8820 Brookfield Ave.

Instructor:          Teresa Swanson/McKenna Doyle: Sway Dance

Code  #                 Class                      Age        Day        Dates                                    Times                    Fee                       

301006-01            Ballet/Tap           3-4yrs    M            Oct 1-Nov 4                         3:15-4:15pm       $70R/$80NR

301006-02            Ballet/Tap           4-5yrs    M            Oct 1-Nov 4                         4:15-5:15pm       $70R/$80NR

301006-03            Ballet/Tap           5-7yrs    M            Oct 1-Nov 4                         5:15-6:15pm       $70R/$80NR

301006-04            Tap Only              4-8yrs    M           Oct 1-Nov 4                         6:15-6:45pm       $35R/$45NR


301006-05            Ballet/Tap           3-4yrs    M            Nov 11-Dec 16                   3:15-4:15pm       $70R/$80NR

301006-06            Ballet/Tap           4-5yrs    M            Nov 11-Dec 16                   4:15-5:15pm       $70R/$80NR

301006-07            Ballet/Tap           5-7yrs    M            Nov 11-Dec 16                   5:15-6:15pm       $70R/$80NR

301006-08            Tap Only             4-8yrs    M            Nov 11-Dec 16                   6:15-6:45pm       $35R/$45NR

Registration will open any day! Keep an eye on your email for updates.

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We're starting small, but our program will be expanding based on interest and availability.

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Adult Social Dance

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