Dance Lesson Reviews

Wedding Dance Reviews

“My then-fiancé and I knew the style we wanted, chose the music and had a sense of some moves we wanted to incorporate. Teresa listened to us and brought many great ideas that she tailored to meet our needs, skills and level of comfort. Overall the choreography was hers with a lot of feedback from us along the way. The final product was incredible and a great collaborative effort!”

“Our guests and family still rave about our first dance. It was flawless and everything we hoped for.”

“Sway provides a relaxed and friendly learning environment free of the stress and pretension of many traditional studios.”

“From day one, Teresa treated us like friends, not customers. So much so that I still keep in touch with her. She understood and cared about how important this dance was to us and it showed. She was as invested in the dance as we were and that meant everything to us.”

“Teresa gave us the skills and choreography through a number of private sessions and we were able to practice on our own time. We put in a lot of time to make sure it was perfect, but when we needed her, she was there!”

“I have zero skills in the dance department, but Teresa was able to make it look like I did. I had a vision for this dance and she helped it come to life. I am so grateful for everything that she did for us!”

“Teresa stood out because of her excellent training and instructional method, but it was her small and laid back classes that really appealed to us.”

“If you aren’t comfortable with parts of your dance, they are always willing to make adjustments to help you shine.”

“Sway is perfect for people looking to learn dance in an approachable setting.”

“When friends are envious of our dance moves, we always encourage them to start classes at the studio.”