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Introductory Lesson

Get started with our $45 Introductory Lesson!

Use this 45 minute lesson to:

  • Test your level for group class placement
  • Try an instructor 
  • Make a plan for future lessons/goals

Why take private lessons?

  1. In a private lesson, you can work to achieve your personal goals at your own pace.

  2. Individual attention makes you progress quickly and efficiently through material and technique.  

  3. With the instructors undivided attention, you'll receive attention to every detail of your dancing.  Attention to technique, lead, follow, and style.

  4. Customize your lessons based on interest, level, and personal goals.

  5. Take the time you need to ask questions in private. 

  6. When taking lessons with a partner, this lesson will give you more time together.  

  7. Private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience and allow more flexibility than a group class.

  8. Get more time dancing with an instructor.  Experience dancing with an advanced dancer is the fastest and easiest way to progress quickly.

Contact us to schedule your first lesson!

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* only 1 introductory lesson per person/couple

*can not be combined with other discounts/coupons/deals